Banquet Menus



We have all the opportunities to create a memorable experience for you and your party , whether it is a business lunch , student reception, a mingling, wedding or a dinner with loved ones.
In consultation with you, we aim for creating the best possible conditions for your event to be as successful as possible .

We have prepared a couple of menus we recommend to larger groups.
If you wish a more specific menu and we will be happy to customize this with you.

In our little 'Chambre Séareé' we can accommodate 8 people , at a cost of 500sek for the rental of the room.
In the 'Atlején' we can accommodate up to 40 people, for a fee of 2500sek for the room rental.
Common to both rooms is that you are sitting privately and have the opportunity for a more unique experience.

Welcome to contact ‘head waiter’ for more information and reservations : 08-679 60 32 or .
Only direct payment at the end of the event. 


Menu One - 495 SEK / pp
Swedish "Toast Skagen"
Shrimps mixed with dill and mayonnaise, topped with bleak roe and served on toasted bread.
Veal patty with green peas, browned butter, lingon berries and potato puree.
Homemade truffle
Menu Two - 585 SEK / pp
Porter pickled beef carpaccio with bleak roe
20 gr Bleak roe from Kalix, sour cream, red onion and rye bread crisp.
Artic Char
Lightly salted and steamed with shrimps, horse radish, browned butter hollandaise and deep fried anchovies
Crème Brûlée
Menu Three - 750 SEK / pp
Bleak Roe from Kalix
40 gr Bleak roe from Kalix, toast, sour cream, lemon and red onion.
Fillet of Deer
With celery, juniper and almond potato puree gratinated with “Västerbotten” cheese
White chocolate and lime tarte
With keylime, mango and coconut sorbet
Menu four - 820 SEK / pp
Goosliver terrine
With apple and brioche
Buttered codloin
With porcini mushrooms, sage and gnocchi
Chocolate mousse
With whipped cream
KB´s Christmas menu 750 kr
Bleak roe from Kalix
40 gr Bleak roe with toast, sour cream, lemon and red onion
Tornedous Rossini
With goose liver and truffle
Crème Brûllée