A modern classic

Since Konstnärsbaren’s first restaurateur, Emil Jansson, opened KB in the Konstnärshuset (the Artist House) on the 8th of December 1931, the restaurant has become something of an institution on the Stockholm restaurant scene. The unique milieu is characterized by pieces of art that have been created during happy nights out, by the Stockholm artist colony with Robert Högfeldt and Isaac Grünewald Einar Forseth leading the way.

KB is able to brandish a unique atmosphere in many aspects, not least it’s charmingly miscellaneous mix of guests.  There are regulars of the old school, as well as a young, modern, and wide audience. Around lunch business people, media professionals, and regulars dominate. At dinnertime the din rises. Cinema and theater guests, couples, and groups of girls and guys sit side by side with renowned artists and actors. Some sample a fast shrimp sandwich before the cinema or theater visit, or savor a three course meal in the classic dining room. Others start with a drink in the bar- or when the weather allows- in the outdoor seating area on Smålandsgatan 7. When you visit KB our wish is that you feel as comfortable as in your own living room, here the ceiling is high- both figuratively and literally.